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complex magazine celebrates hot bi-racial women day, initiate gag reflex

I don’t know which annoys me more: the notion that we can fuck our way out of racism, or Complex magazine using the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1967 Loving decision to add legitimacy to a hit list of bi-racial chicks. The tragic mulatto’s happy now–ain’t ya heard?

Loving is the civil rights case, named for an interracial married couple, that struck down anti-miscegenation laws in the United States. It’s come into a certain prominence this century as more people tick off multiple race/ethnicity boxes on the Census and because Barack Obama is POTUS. The nasty undercurrent to these metrics of social acceptance however, is that for a certain swath of our society, people of indeterminate parentage are “in”–oddly enough, much like how they used to be, “out.” That these judgments are two sides of the same stank racist coin is apparently lost on Complex editors who’re too busy focusing on the erotic admixture of the African buttocks with the aquiline northern European nose.

The Loving’s would probably die again if they knew what their name was being attached to. Progress. Ain’t it grand.


white house scores with three-year-old photo

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza (flickr.com)

This May 2009 photo of a black boy patting President Obama’s hair is flying around the Internets again, thanks to a New York Times fluff piece. White House aides are often skittish when discussing race, the reporter says–except, I’d add, when they control the narrative.

During an election year and in what will be a photo finish contest with the whitest white guy in the room, reminding We the People that they elected the first African-American POTUS is a plus. Eliciting audible, “Awws,” while you’re at it: bonus. Score one for the Oval Office and its public relations machine.  This kid’s super cute and it’s a lovely Norman Rockwell moment. But I’ll save my Awws for something else.

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